Live Pet Cam

Watch Your Pet Live

Want to make sure your dog or cat is doing ok? Watch on our live web cams through your phone, tablet, or computer.

Download the ‘ODoggy’ app or click the button below.

  • Play Rooms
  • Bark Avenue: Where our small dogs play, typically 20 lbs and under
  • Hollywoof Blvd: Where our mid size dogs, large breed puppies and calmer large breed dogs play
  • Pawcific Heights: Where the large breed dogs play


People & Pets Love Us

“Webcams are a nice option. My dogs received baths and are very clean and super tired. Came home, ate dinner and collapsed. Thank you 4 Legged Friends!!”

- Jon Barrett

“The staff are outstanding, they noticed a possible problem that I should be aware of it, to keep a eye on it. He look and acted very happy from his stay at 4 legged Friends Daycare.”

- David Eskin

Mary andI have been taking our dog Sophie to 4 legged friends for years. We really love the staff, so very friendly and helpful. Now we are introducing our new dog Molly. “ A exercised dog is a happy dog”

- Paul Wisniewski

My dog loves coming to 4Legged Friends. When we get out of the car, he runs to the door and knows where he has to go to get to his play area. Every staff member remembers his name and they have a webcam to peek in in how he is doing.

- Michelle Taki