About Us

The 4-Legged Friends’ Philosophy

At 4-Legged Friends, we love your furry family as much as you do. Our Metro Detroit daycare and boarding facility delivers peace of mind for you and your pets—from our smiling, friendly team members to our nurturing environment. Our family of customers is growing—but you’ll always receive attentive, focused care when you walk through the door. That type of service excellence and small-family feeling is just one part of the 4-Legged Friends’ standard, which also includes:

  • Room to roam. We offer over 10,000-square-feet of cage-free play space where your dog can run and wrestle with canine buddies and human friends.
  • Safety first. We have an excellent safety record and provide a secure, sanitized play experience. Our facility is clean, updated, and exceeds local health standards.
  • 24/7-onsite staffing. Rest assured, your furry friend is never left unattended during their visit. 4-Legged Friends is one of few facilities in Metro Detroit that is staffed 24 hours a day.
  • Live webcams. Being away from your pets is tough. Find out what they’re up to anytime—all from the comfort of your computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Referral program. We love our loyal two- and four-legged customers! Recommend a friend and earn a $30 credit toward daycare or boarding as a token of our thanks.
  • Est. in 2000, 4LF has the knowledge and experience pet owners are looking for.
  • Full building generator. Ensuring consistent climate control, preservation of refrigerated and frozen foods, and 24/7 operation no matter the weather.

The 4-Legged Friends’ Team

At 4-Legged Friends Pet Lodging and Daycare, we hire the best of the best: people who love your pets, understand group and individual dog behavior, and are committed to keeping your furry family safe, healthy, and happy. Staff members are CPR, first-aid, and safety certified. As well as receiving extensive on-board canine behavior and group-play training. We are one of the most desirable pet care facilities in the western Detroit suburbs, and we attribute much of this success to our compassionate, reliable staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in 4-Legged Friends. For your convenience, we’ve provided answers to many of our customers’ everyday questions below. If you have additional questions, call 732.522.7297, and a friendly team member will be happy to help!

There are many reasons customers use our daycare services. Some of them work long hours and don’t want to crate their friend all day. Others don’t have the time to provide their dog with the activity they need to stay healthy. Our Metro Detroit dog daycare is also ideal for:

  • Physically challenged or post-surgical clients who are unable to exercise their dogs regularly.
  • People with high-energy or anxiety-ridden pets that become stressed or destructive when left alone.
  • Apartment or condominium owners whose dogs bark or disrupt other residents.
  • New parents or busy families who don’t have time to exercise their furry family member.
  • Dogs that enjoy socialization and interaction with other animals.
  • People working from home that require quiet work time without the assistance of their dog.
Daycare does wonders for dogs! It contributes to physical fitness, keeps them mentally stimulated, builds confidence, and improves social skills. As a bonus, you’ll pick up a happy, relaxed dog, rather than coming home to a frustrated dog with an overabundance of energy.
4-Legged Friends offers at least 8 hours of play per day. Free play is available from the time they are dropped off with daycare ending for the day by 4:00 PM. Daycare dogs staying beyond the play time allotted, will rest in a suite until their human arrives for them.
An experienced staff of dog lovers will supervise your pet during day play. Team members are trained in dog behavior, group play management, CPR, and first-aid—and your dog is never left unattended. There are humans in our play areas at all times: maintaining a calm, safe environment and cleaning up after our four-legged friends. Our team is also happy to feed puppies or dogs with special medical needs during their daytime stay.
Yes! In order to keep everyone safe, we have 3 daycare play rooms. Dogs weighing less than 20 pounds in ‘Bark Avenue’, our small dog play area. Medium sized dogs, large breed puppies, and older, calm large breed dogs play in ‘Hollywoof Blvd’. And large, full of energy dogs, play in ‘Pawcific Heights’.
While we would love to let the public wander our facility, it becomes immediately disruptive and stressful for the pets in our care to have strangers observing them. So we had a virtual tour created that allows you to fully explore our boarding and daycare areas inside and out any time you like! We also have live webcams on the daycare play rooms so you can observe what is happening in real time. Click here to get started on the tour.
Feel free to bring whatever makes your best friend comfortable. Food and treats are welcome since they help pets maintain dietary routines. Our facility is also equipped with a refrigerator, freezer, and microwave for unique feeding needs, and we feed your pet the way they are accustomed to eating at home. If you do not provide your own food, you can purchase meals from us. We also provide food and water bowls.

We keep each guest’s personal belongings in the suite they will occupy. If you forget your pet’s favorite item, we have add on’s including bully sticks, stuffed Kongs, ice cream cones, cake cones and pupsicles made especially for dogs.

Rooms are equipped with Kuranda beds, which elevate your dog off of the floor. If your dog has a favorite blanket or bed, feel free to bring it along. Or we are happy to provide in house linens to make your pets stay more comfortable if you don’t bring your own.
4LF gives you the choice of a custom condo or a private room designed to meet the special needs of felines. The condos offer the height cats crave, and include windows so they can keep an eye on things. Your cat can also sprawl out in one of our 5 larger indoor Tabby Road rooms, which is equipped with personal webcams and provides ample space to run.
Social canine friends attend daycare and enjoy the company of other friendly dogs.
Yes! We are one of the only facilities in the region to be staffed 24/7, so you can rest easy. Our overnight staff is working to get us ready for the next day to begin by cleaning, prepping meals, giving extra potty breaks, and TLC to anyone who needs it.

The 4-Legged Friends’ Owner

I never aspired to own a business. But I’ve always had a love for animals. In 2005, when I heard a dog daycare was for sale, I was sold. No question. Where do I sign? I ended up buying a very small business. We averaged about 16 dogs per day for daycare in a 4,000 sf building. In the early 2000’s, pet care wasn’t what it is now. Skip forward and over a decade later, 4-Legged Friends has relocated to a custom renovated 17,000 sf building. Dog daycare, dog boarding, cat boarding, and dog training. 24 hour staff/365 days per year. I never would have dreamt it would have grown the way it has.

I truly believe we have done so well because my goal has never been to see bigger numbers each year. My goal, every day, is to have pets leave our facility having had the best time we could give them. That’s my mark of success. And I believe it shows. In myself, my dedicated staff and the pets that go home happy.

My goal is to provide people a place that helps them keep their pets in their family. If daycare helps that rambunctious, bored, chews stuff because no one is home type of dog not land in the shelter; if our boarding helps the ‘I travel too much for work’ person from rehoming their dog or cat; when training classes help people bond to their dog, we’ve done our job. And I love my job.

Thank you, sincerely, for allowing us to be your best friend’s home away from home. We work hard to earn your trust and are honored to partner with your family.


People & Pets Love Us

“Webcams are a nice option. My dogs received baths and are very clean and super tired. Came home, ate dinner and collapsed. Thank you 4 Legged Friends!!”

- Jon Barrett

“The staff are outstanding, they noticed a possible problem that I should be aware of it, to keep a eye on it. He look and acted very happy from his stay at 4 legged Friends Daycare.”

- David Eskin

Mary andI have been taking our dog Sophie to 4 legged friends for years. We really love the staff, so very friendly and helpful. Now we are introducing our new dog Molly. “ A exercised dog is a happy dog”

- Paul Wisniewski

My dog loves coming to 4Legged Friends. When we get out of the car, he runs to the door and knows where he has to go to get to his play area. Every staff member remembers his name and they have a webcam to peek in in how he is doing.

- Michelle Taki